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Ken Pepple

Ken is the co-founder and CTO of Solinea, a leading consulting and software provider enabling enterprises and service providers to accelerate the adoption of cloud computing. Prior to Solinea, Ken was Cloud Technology Partners' (CloudTP) Vice President for their OpenStack Practice, where he led the company's cloud infrastructure consulting efforts. Before that, Ken was Director of Cloud Development at Internap Network Services. Under his leadership, Internap developed and introduced a portfolio of public cloud services, including the world's first public compute service based on OpenStack. Pepple joined Internap from Oracle, where he worked on defining its cloud enterprise technology strategy. Prior to Oracle, he spent fourteen years at Sun Microsystems. While at Sun, he served as Principal Engineer for its Asia Pacific Professional Services organization and Technical Director for its Global Servers and Storage line of business.

In addition to Ken's project work, he has also authored or co-authored several books. His latest is "Deploying OpenStack" (O’Reilly Media, Inc., 2011). Ken also maintains a blog at http://ken.pepple.info on cloud computing technology.

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