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Jim O'Neill


At HubSpot - I've held different technology focused roles ranging from building our IT infrastructure (both corporate and production), Operations, Product Development and Engineering. 

I've been fortunate to help build the company from less than 10 employees and 10 customers to over 500 employees and 9000 customers all while creating a highly efficient and large scale technical infrastructure.

My main achievements that I've helped drive, design, build, and operate are:
- SaaS platform processing billions of data-points monthly and allowing tens of thousands of users to access the platform daily
- Web Hosting Environment supporting thousands of customers monthly, serving millions of page views, while maintaining 99.95+% of up-time.
- Hybrid cloud platform hosting the HubSpot SaaS platform - leveraging managed data-centers as well as Amazon's Web Services Environment.
- Large scale SaaS back-office processing 40,000+ leads monthly processing multimillion dollars monthly without human assistance
- Assisted with 2 acquisitions from start to finish (due diligence through company and culture integration). I've also assisted in due diligence on other expansion opportunities. 
- Built and managed operational model keeping costs flat with revenue through hyper-growth of HubSpot.