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Sam Greenblatt

Vice President – Chief Technical Evangelist ESG

As chief technology evangelist at the Enterprise Solution Group Mr. Greenblatt will be heavily involved in the architecture, communication and technical promotion of Dell's Enterprise family of products. Mr. Greenblatt will help drive the ESG Company’s development teams toward a strong and unified architectural construct, while externally translating and communicating the technology vision to customers, new prospective partners and the industry as a whole. Sam held multiple positions at Hewlett Packard from being a General Manager to being a chief technology officer for several divisions.  Including webOS, Printing, Major Partners and Integrators Services. He worked as Vice President of Strategy in Corporate Strategy.

Prior to joining Hewlett Packard Mr. Greenblatt was the senior vice president of Innovation for CA. He ran CA’s intellectual property portfolio, labs and technical leadership council. Prior to that he was Chief Architect for the Linux Technology Group at Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA), is responsible for the cross brand integration of Linux technology. He worked with CA’s strategic customers and the IT industry to help formulate strategy in emerging Linux technologies. A recognized expert in networked computing, system management and object technology, Mr. Greenblatt worked closely with customers to deliver solutions that focus on emerging technologies.  He joined CA in 1994 and has held senior management positions in development and cross- platform product strategy. Mr. Greenblatt has contributed to the development of CA’s Unicenter and eTrust solutions and has served on technical advisory boards for several of CA’s largest customers.

Prior to CA, Mr. Greenblatt was Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Research and Development at Candle Corporation, where he managed key software application projects in communications, distributed processing, applications and development tools, and project management techniques in systems management.

Prior to Candle, Mr. Greenblatt held management positions at ARCO, Commodore International and Arthur Andersen.

Mr. Greenblatt has served on the graduate faculties of Temple University and LaSalle University, was on the board of the Object Management Group and sat on the Open Source Development Lab Board. He was a member of the Architecture Board at The Open Group and was the chairman of the DMI Committee on systems management. He is well known for his work on object protocols and their abstraction. He is a recognized expert in Linux and open source. He was on the board of the Ingres Corporation (Actian) Advisory board of Linux World Magazine and has been an author. He was the keynote at Linux World 2004 and has keynoted Linux World Japan in 2003. He has been a keynote for IBM, and other companies.

Mr. Greenblatt is a co-inventor on three key U.S. patents: USP 5848234 entitled “Object Procedure Messaging Facility” covering object message passing, and USP 5809238 entitled “Data Server with Event Driven Sampling” covering object data stores and USP 6718399 “Communications on a Network”