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Sergey Maskalik

VMware Networking & Security Business Unit (R&D)
Director in the Networking & Security Business Unit (R&D)

Sergey Maskalik, VMware Networking & Security Business Unit (R&D) 
My current role is a Director in the Networking & Security Business Unit (R&D) focused on Network Virtualization products such as vShield Edge Services Router and Distributed Firewall at VMware. I joined VMware through the Blue Lane acquisition. Prior to VMware, I was the Senior Director of Engineering Services at Blue Lane from mid ’04 until the acquisition. In this role, I was responsible for the overall product Quality, Customer Support, product delivery for the virtual and the hardware product lines and aided the customer acquisition effort. Prior to Blue Lane, I had the same role at NetVMG, a company that brought to market a BGP Route Control appliance and was acquired by Internap – where I spent roughly a year integrating the NetVMG platform and technology operations. I started my career in the 90s in the Internet Service Provider arena. During my tenure at GlobalCenter/Global Crossing, I helped design and build the GlobalCenter/Global Crossing datacenters which were acquired by Exodus and eventually became the Savvis datacenters we know today. In addition to the datacenter network architecture, I was in the Advanced Technologies team at Global Crossing, which was responsible for evaluating and rolling out new technologies like MPLS & Traffic Engineering and large-scale routing protocol design (BGP/IS-IS/OSPF/L2 scaling). At Global Crossing, we have built one of the largest backbone networks in the world that serves the Internet today. The team also worked to test, evaluate and help to shape products with vendors such as Juniper, Cisco, Avici, Nexibit, Foundry, Extreme, Riverstone, Redstone, Redback, Unisphere and more. I apply my core wide area networking background, multi-vendor experience from the ISP days and the SMB to large enterprise networking and security background from NetVMG and Blue Lane to delivery of network, security and virtualization product lines for the Cloud by bringing the “customer-like” experience and mindset into the product development lifecycle.